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Tell me what we have in common, tell me how you found me,
why we should be friends, anything-
I'm curious :]

References ignore this

SVU Gallery
SVU/CI screencaps
CI caps screencaphaven and HERE, HERE aaaand HERE
Star Trek Insurrection/Nemesis caps: moordryd_caps
CI caps credits to: vxangelkissxv   
Stick It caps: hellogoodmornin Instant Star caps: vicons
CI s7x1 caps: allchanged

Lots of credits

New brushes means new credits. These fine folks made the brushes, etc.  If I use a brush of yours and you don't see your name listed in this post or the other brush post, let me know.  I've added brushes and forgotten/not known who to credit.

Some SVU screencaps from here and here and rainyangellz

Operation Journal Makeover

Yeah, so I figured it was time for a facelift. Http:// has a great layout and I tried to incorporate it into my layout. Credit goes to them, of course. I made the side image, in photoshop. Pretty simple, and I think I'm going to turn it in tomorrow as my typography collage assignment. Ash also gets thanks for helping with the uploading and stuff. =)

I never update

Eh, why do I bother with this? I have nothing interesting to say and no one really cares.

So...let's see.......

I'm not cool enough to fill my profile or journal with quotes from others, let alone have them fill theirs with my quotes. Either that, or I'm just a third wheel. I think it's both. A lot of both. Unless the stuff I say isn't stupid enough. I can dumb it down.

I finally got music to download and actually be playable. Ares <3. Kazaa </3. Take Me Out - Franz Ferdinand Dark of the Matinee - Franz Ferdinand Bittersweet Symphony - The Verve Freshmen - Verve Pipe Bitch - Meredith Brooks I <3 90's music. I'm hungry...OH! Never buy Lean Cuisine Enchalandas...unless you're a fan of chicken paste that... O.o doesn't...taste like...chicken...(Thank you, William Shatner.)

Jun. 3rd, 2004

Awww Look! I adopted a Blob! Hopefully, this code links back to the site, like she said to. Stare at him in wonder, then, go get your own!

Adopt your own useless blob!

Ur, uha suna drehk

E ghuf E zicd bucdat yh ahdno, pid drec lysa du sa yvdan E lmucat dra fehtuf. E FYHD DU TU YH AHDNO DUDYMMO EH AL BHED! Faaaa E's cilr y tung. Caa, ed't pa luuman ev E yldiymmo ghaf dra myhkiyka yht fych'd zicd dobehk drec ehdu y dnyhcmydun.

Hud dryd yhouha pid Ash ec kuhhy pa ypma du nayt drec yhofyoc. Zicd ghuf dryd ed cyoc nothing important.


I never update this thing anymore...
Although, there's not usually anything to say either.

My dad opened the pool today. Oh. So gross. And now, we have a mailbox at the end of the driveway. Go us.



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